Instructions after hip replacement

After undergoing hips replacement, it doesn’t mean that you will forgo the daily activities. You should therefore give much attention to your new hips so that they can heal much faster and in a healthy way. To ensure proper care, you need to know the best tips to follow when doing different activities like walking, sitting, driving, bathing and sleeping among others. These tips are very essentials and when you follow them, you will definitely get the best results. Some of these tips include:

When sitting

It is very important to be extremely careful while sitting and standing from the chair.

  • You should ensure that you don’t lean forward when you are getting off the chair or taking a seat. 
  • It is also appropriate to use chairs with arms. This will aid you when getting off or sitting down. 
  • It is a good idea to add one or two pillows onto your seat. This is necessary as the pillows will aid the hips from flexing. 
  • While sitting on the chair, you need to ensure that both your knees and legs are kept apart. Besides this, you need to prevent any kind of over flexion at the hips. 

When putting on clothessock donner

  • For the first one and half months after the hip replacement, you can use certain devices to help you. These include the long shoe horn, sock donner and the reacher. They are very crucial when it comes to dressing as they assist in ensuring all the hips precautions. 

When in the bathroom

The way you use the bathrooms may or may not cause harm to your hips. 

  • You should always use the elevated toilet seat. This is suitable for the first one and half months just after hip replacement. 
  • You should also be ready to use either the sponge bath or shower because you will not be expected to bath for the next six weeks after the surgery. For this reason, you may be required to have a shower seat in your washroom. 
  • Alternatively, you can always have a sponge shower at the sink, wash your feet then use the long beach towel to dry them.


When sleeping or lying on the bed

  • You should never let your legs come together when lying on the bed. A pillow is therefore required to keep the legs apart. 
  • You need not to sleep on the hip that has just undergone surgery. 

When walking

The style of walking is also very important and a lot of care needs to be taken. 

  • You should never make small steps as you try to make a turn. 
  • It is also advisable to use the crutches for walking. This should be until the time your doctor tells you it is time you can walk without them. 
  • Slippers are not advisable for anyone who has just had hip replacement as they have higher chances of making you fall to the ground. 
  • Shoes with non-skid soles are highly recommended but always be very careful while on unfriendly grounds like those slippery surfaces.

The general precautions

These are some of the hip replacement post-operative care that you need to give much consideration. Through these recommendations, you will be able to get quick recovery. You should also be aware of the fever and higher temperatures you may experience during this period. Report any fever or swelling to your doctor.


Stick to your doctor’s notes and you will be very safe.



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