Hot and cold therapy

Joint inflammation also known as arthritis is a common problem and sometimes challenging to deal with. Arthritis is sometimes accompanied by joint pain and stiffness. Reports suggest that it gets worse with age. You may get injuries of your knee when you trip or perhaps most likely if you are a sportsman or a woman. People deal with such pain differently; one may rush for strong pain killers, others may resort to meditating to forget about the pain while some may choose to stay in bed the whole day. All these methods are not the best to deal with arthritis; there is a simple, fast and effective pain cooling remedy for relieving joint pain of arthritis which involves heat vs. cold. If you are wondering, read the lines below to find out how heat and cold therapy help arthritis pain.

Hot and cold therapy can be used in arthritis
When should you apply heat therapy for joint pain?

There is no doubt that heat therapy is an effective therapy for pain relief. According to findings, heat relaxes stiff, tense and sore muscles. This remedy can also be applied on joints affected by arthritis, a little heat remember, don’t burn yourself. Heat is important because of its soothing effect and ability to stimulate blood flow and enhancing circulation. For joint pains and stiffness, heat will help to ease the stiffness and improve the range of motion. Important to note is that always make sure your therapy time does not exceed twenty minutes. A warm bath, warm moist cloth, heated swimming pool, heat lamps, heating pads or dry air are all appropriate, the choice is yours. The temperature should be appropriate, not too hot and not just warm for the sake. If you have been doing this, you definitely understand how effectively it works.

When should you apply cold therapy for joint pain?

What do you do when arthritis pain causes a burning sensation? If you feel your joint or joints are burning, simply cool them off with cold stuff. An ice pack or anything cold that can be wrapped around the affected area will do fantastic job. When you see signs of inflammation e.g. hotness or swelling, it is a sign that a cold remedy maybe your best choice. Cold therapy reduces inflammation and at the same time it will provide the cooling effect required to ease the tension around the joint area. A cold therapy will normalize the swelling back to normal and accordingly also reduce the joint pain and inflammation by constricting the blood vessels.


Well, arthritis causes different sensations. At times you may feel the burning effect or mere stiffness on the affected joints. Prior to starting the controlling techniques, it is better to know when to apply heat or cold therapy otherwise you may further complicate the situation or damage your skin. If you have been thinking otherwise, these are the two simplest, most effective and importantly, less expensive methods of treating joint pain arthritis. If you are not sure which one to try out, or in case the methods fail to work for you, just consult with your doctor.

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