Hip arthroscopy

This is a minimally invasive (keyhole) surgery in which the surgeon will make 2 or 3 small incisions, each measuring 5 mm. Through one of these small holes the arthroscope (made up of a tiny tube, a lens, and a light source) is introduced to the inside of the joint to display picture on a television screen,. From the other incision, specialized thin surgical instruments are introduced to perform the surgery.

hip arthroscopy
Most of these procedures does not require the patient to stay the night in the hospital and the recovery time is usually faster than open surgeries.

Hip arthroscopy is usually used to diagnose and treat various conditions:

  • Removal of loose bodies from inside the joint.
  • Repair labrum tears (a tear in the cartilage surrounding the rim of the hip socket - acetabulum)
  • Treatment of femora-acetabular impingement (FAI) if non surgical treatment failed.
  • Treatment of snapping hips
  • Removal of synovial tissue from the joint to examine it or as a treatment for some types of tumors.



Although hip arthroscopy is very safe, there are possible complications as with all surgical procedures e.g. infection, nerve injury.

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